Our story

• the early ‘70
The Engineering Studio is born on the initiative of the engineer Domenico Ardolino who's work experience includes Director of Works in the construction of hydroelectric plants, Head of Office at the Private Building Division of the Municipality of Bolzano and teacher at the Technical Institute for Surveyors A. and P. Delai of Bolzano.
The newly established activity is mainly engaged in civil construction and hydraulic engineering.

• 1989
Entry into the company of the daughter, engineer Giovanna Ardolino. The Studio expands for the first time, initially with a family type mould, acquiring new skills and new operational dimensions.

• 1995
Entry into the company of the son, engineer Alberto Ardolino; given his university specialization, the services provided by the Firm after his entry are expanded, covering areas such as infrastructure and above all cableway installations.
The expansion of the services makes it necessary to make use of new collaborators such as engineers, architects and surveyors.

• 2000
The firm assumes an organizational structure of the "associated" type and becomes the current Ardolino Associated Studio of Engineering connected to a Service Company: the S.p.I. (Engineering Services) S.a.s.
The birth of the Services Company, allowing the division of the properties from the intellectual performances, favours the entry into the studio of new members, thus overcoming the initial family dimension.

• 2002
Both the S.p.I. and the studio still obtain and maintain the ISO 9001 certification to meet the need to keep up with the times and to guarantee more and more quality performance to the clients. This certification was aimed exclusively at verifying the correctness of the processes that led to a quality service; with the change of the reference standard, which took place in 2015, the certification is also a guarantee of a correct control by the Directorate of financial stability of the organization, which passes through the just and correct use of means and human resources.

• 2012
Engineer Simone Musner becomes an associate; in collaboration with the other engineers already in the staff, the firm is dealing with increasingly complex projects, consolidating its presence in both the civil and cableway sectors.

• 2014
In addition to the four associates, two other engineers and five surveyors are now part of the group: the continuous increase in human resources requires the expansion of the offices and the S.p.I. S.a.s. buys the neighbouring office to make a single office.

• 2018
The staff is further expanded with the collaboration of an architect and the hiring of a new surveyor.

The staff is further expanded with the collaboration of an architect and the hiring of a new surveyor.
The relationship with them is characterized by the utmost mutual trust, by the special attention given to the environment and to operating conditions, guaranteeing maximum safety in the workplace, equal treatment, respect for the needs of the individual and as much as possible flexibility in working hours and teleworking. The absence of turnover in many years of activity proves it.