S.p.I. – Engineering Services S.a.s. of Alberto Ardolino & Co.

S.p.I. was born in January 2000, together with the associated Ardolino Engineering Studio, with the aim of separating the intellectual activity of the Studio from the ownership to facilitate the entry of young professionals into the newly formed professional association.

S.p.I. is a service company of technical design and data processing that lends its work to the Studio and to third parties, mainly dealing with the elaboration of engineering projects starting from the feasibility study up to the final execution of the project.

Six surveyors work within S.p.I, each with varied skills, from 2D drawing to BIM, to site accounting. From the hardware point of view the company is equipped with a large format plotter, colour and black and white laser and ink-jet printers, a large format scanner and an A3 format printer, as well as a meeting room equipped for videoconferencing. As software, it mainly uses the Office suite from Microsoft, AutoCad and Revit.

S.p.I. S.a.s., like the Studio, has been ISO 9001 certified since 2002