cableway installations

The main activity of the firm deals with the design and structural and geotechnical supervision of the civil works of strength, line and station for fixed cableways, automatic coupling and cable cars; also supervising the architectural design and management. Features in this field are carried out all over the world.

civil construction

The firm's activity in civil construction concerns the design and structural management of multi-storey buildings in reinforced concrete, steel and wood, as well as architectural design and fire prevention.
Since 2021 eng. Alberto Ardolino has been a certified “Radon Mitigation Specialist” in accordance with DLgs. n. 101/2020. He has been involved in design and supervision activities in this field.

industrial construction

In the field of industrial construction, the firm deals with the design, structural and architectural supervision of sewage treatment plants, power plants and warehouses for various purposes.


The studio follows the planning, design and construction supervision of gravity and pressure sub-services.


In the field of wind power, the firm deals with the structural and geotechnical design of the foundation, both direct and profound, of the wind towers, and static checks of the related drums all over the world.

Surveys and tests

The activity of the Firm in this sector concerns both consultancy for the Court (CTU) and in part (CTP) in the sectors above-mentioned as well as technical-administrative, static and fire prevention tests. As part of the surveys, the project verification activity is carried out, for which the Firm is in possession of a specific quality certification.